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000 Charity donate to Men’s Shed

Triple 000 Charity members Helen Wendt and Peter Twomey, Men’s Shed President David Wren, and Triple 000 Charity member Jan McGruer.

The Tumut 000 Charity has donated $500 to the Tumut Men’s Shed; the latest proceeds from their hard working fundraising efforts for local projects.

President of the Men’s Shed David Wren said donations to the shed always come in handy, as by its nature their woodworking activities constantly need new funding.

“We buy a lot of stuff for the men’s shed to do projects, so it’ll be spent on materials,” he said.

The Tumut 000 Charity is a combined effort from the Tumut Police, Club Tumut, the Health Service, the Ambulance Service, and Fire and Rescue. It’s something they started up themselves to contribute to the community – as if those services don’t already contribute enough!

However, ex-nurse Jan McGruer said the members also have a lot of fun.

“The main person who started it off was [Tumut Police Sergeant] Bryan Hammond, and we thought we’d do things like raffles to raise money, and make sure it stays in Tumut. Bryan and Peter [Twomey] will be down here at 7.30 in the morning, rain, hail, or shine.

“We enjoy it, we really do! We have the best time meeting up each week, there are some who have brought the load of wood [to raffle] several times over, and they really are supportive. We just love it.”

Sometimes the group will take a break from their position on Wynyard Street, in order to make sure all the charities are getting a fair go at reaching the community. That, in itself, is a testament to the people of Tumut, that so many charitable and not-for-profit organisations are able to thrive in a town with a relatively small population.

“We’d like to thank the Tumut community for their support,” said Ms McGruer.

“We just really appreciate this community, because they do support us, and between Helen [Wendt], myself, Peter and Bryan, we can usually cover it – and when we’re short of helpers we just pull in someone else!”

In the past the group has donated to schools and sporting groups, and this time the lucky recipient is the Tumut Men’s Shed.