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Adelong comes alive for show

The Adelong Show generated a flurry of activity on the weekend, boasting many different activities and plenty of entertainment to please the excited attendees.

The action kicked off on Saturday with Ladies and Junior Stockman’s Challenges, and heats of the Open challenge. The last few competitors battled through the elements as the rain began to pour down and thunder and lightening took hold.

As the challenges wrapped up and the sporting events unfolded, the horses remained surprisingly calm as the weather intensified. Competitors showed they weren’t to be deterred by a little rain as they faced off in the bending, flags and barrel racing events.

The clouds parted to make way for clear skies and sunshine for the main day of the Adelong Show on Sunday. While entries were down across some categories in the pavilion, a wealth of local talent was still evident, showcasing the skills and gifts of the community.

Outside the pavilion, an excited crowd gathered to watch Majura the magician’s spellbinding show. The revellers were enraptured by his captivating illusions, and his rabbit proved a particular crowd favourite. In between performances, Majura mingled with the crowd, demonstrating card tricks and bamboozling people with his intriguing tricks.

Another favourite with the younger generation was the Old Kentucky Animal Farm petting paddock, where local youngsters spent time with the adorable baby animals. Some of the loveable little creatures included baby alpacas, a piglet, ducks and ducklings, goats and bunnies. Little locals and visitors alike giggled and squealed with delight at the opportunity to get friendly with the marvellous miniatures.

Thrill seekers were in for a treat with the addition of a pirate ship ride, while others opted for the number of jumping castle options, including a steep bouncy slide that was hosed down for maximum cooling off and speed potential.

The poultry section again boasted an impressive array of beautiful birds, and the dog show provided an awe-inspiring diversity of canine breeds, all looking groomed and glamorous.

Ariah Park shearer Tony Johnston provided a fascinating demonstration of traditional blade shearing, while local man Gavin Yan was demonstrating his metal working skills at his ‘Yanny’s Backyard Blacksmithing’ stand.

The showground was gloriously green and beautifully maintained, prompting a number of locals to thank the Tumut Shire Council for their hard work in maintaining the grounds to such a high standard.

Shire school kids showcased their cattle handling skills and expertise in the Cattle Parading and Junior Judging sections. 18-year-old Angela McGrath and her 15-month Southern Cross Speckle Park heifer, Kookies n Kream, collected the honour of All Breeds Supreme Champion.

The three rings horse arena proved a focal point of the show, with stunning horses and well-presented riders competing throughout the day.

Adelong Show Society president Toby Corbett celebrated his 80-something birthday on Show Day, and came out of retirement to serve as 2016 president.

His previous tenure as president was some fifty years ago, between 1964-69, and the community was delighted that he chose to step up again when the society couldn’t lock down a new president.

“It’s a wonderful facility we have now, and it means that the job of president is that much easier than it used to be,” said Mr Corbett.

“Back then we had no facilities, no money and no watering systems. So it’s fantastic to see how far we’ve come.”

Mr Corbett highlighted the beauty of the arena and other attributes of the Adelong show ground.

“They’re lovely grounds, you can sit up on the hill, and the arena fits all the rings nicely,” said Mr Corbett.

“At other showgrounds you can’t see all the events at the one time; you have to choose which ring to look at, but here you can see all and that’s a great advantage.”

“It’s great to be involved again as president.”