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Adelong goes over creekscape

Plans for the Adelong Creekscape have been temporarily halted, with a community consultation meeting in Adelong on Tuesday told that the council would not have sufficient money to complete the entirety of the project.

The council was allocated $515,000 from the NSW Government’s Stronger Community’s fund back in April for the completion of the Adelong Walk and Creekscape redevelopment.

During the community meeting, it was heard that there was only $280,000 left from the allocated funds following the completion of the Adelong walking track back in April. It was estimated by the council that completion of the full scope of works was going to cost between $350-$400,000.

The options left on the table for the community to make judgment on was to complete parts of the creekscape that were seen as priorities – primarily being the stabilization of the creek bank to protect it from erosion and flooding, and a decision as to where a pathway would run.

The council’s initial plans consisted of two options, which council put to the community for public feedback. The first was to create a new gravel path which will be excavated under the swinging bridge and would lead adjacent to the creek. In addition, rocks would be added to reinforce the creek’s bank from erosion and improve the existing creekscape.

The second proposal was to reinforce the bank with rocks further along the creek just beyond the existing concrete weir wall as a means to prevent flooding, which the council had identified as a significant risk area due to the narrowness of the banks. Included in this would be an upgrade to the concrete path that runs through the caravan park.

A third idea was proposed by Adelong residents which would involve running the track along the top of the bank between the bank and the trees.

There was also a greater concern for a section of erosion along the creek which they said posed a more significant risk from flooding than other areas.

Divisional Manager of Infrastructure Works Department Heinz Kausche said that a key focus of the council was to not reduce the caravan park by utilising space so close or having a path running through it.

“We want to try not to reduce the space at the park and there are concerns that that it will be too tight an area to lay track down on. It seems that the area is too narrow and I’m not sure you would want people walking around behind cabins,” he said.

Mr Kausche said that stabilizing the creek banks was also critical so as not to have a repeat of the floods of 2010.

“The area near the creek narrows down just past the weir wall. That’s where you have the maximum velocity coming through.

“The priority really comes down to two things – stabilizing the embankment and pushing the pathway,” Mr Kausche said.

The Adelong Creekscape redevelopment project involves re-establishment of the existing walkway that was damaged during flooding. While the path has been reinstated with a gravel base top and a two-part spray seal to the same standard used to construct other pathways in the council area, the creekscape which was due to be completed by December of this year, will still have a way to go before completion.

A vote was called among gathered community members and it was heard that the third option was seen as the priority.

The will now receive new quotes from consulting engineers ‘Xeros Piccolo’ to establish how much the third option will cost.  From there, the quotes will go back to the Adelong Progress Association to see what can be done with the funds available.

Mayor James Hayes said that he was looking forward to working with Adelong to come up with the best option.

“This has been a very long time in the making and I’m looking forward to seeing it come back after the floods in 2010. At the moment, the creek looks fantastic but it just needs a bit of work so people can access it better,” he said.