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Are you in this photo?

Fay and Geoffrey Hartshorn (seated, left), John Bullock (standing, left), and seven others they are hoping to identify, in the book ‘The Way We Were: Australia in the Last Century’ by Alan Whiticker.

Imagine going to a library in another town, picking up a random book to flick through, and then seeing, right there in front of your eyes, a photo of your mum and dad.

That’s exactly what happened to Tumut resident Fay Hartshorn’s daughter. She spotted her parents in a group photo featured in the book ‘The Way We Were: Australia in the Last Century,’ tucked away in the Mittagong library.

Fay said she has no idea how her photo ended up in the book, but she’s hoping the other people in the photo might be able to identify themselves.

“I couldn’t believe it!” she said.

“And my daughter said she couldn’t believe it – to think that she went to the library in Mittagong and got this book out and was looking through it, and then ended up saying to her daughter, ‘I think that’s nan and pop!’”

Fay recognises herself, her husband Geoffrey Hartshorn, and one other person, a man named John Bullock.

She thinks she’s probably about 20 in the photo, which would mean it was around 1954. Besides that though, she hasn’t got a clue.

“I don’t know whether they’re football players or who they are,” she said.

“Maybe it’s a footy team or footy reunion, they must have won or something…I can’t remember that photo ever being taken.”

The family has attempted to contact the author, Alan Whiticker, with no luck.

His book, published in 2013, is a broad history of Australia in the 20th century. Many of its photos are drawn from archived images of various publishing companies over the decades.

If anyone can recognise the people in the photo, or knows how it ended up in ‘The Way We Were: Australia in the Last Century,’ please contact Fay Hartshorn on 6944 9180.