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Art Show People’s Choice winners

Jennie Forster (right) won first prize for People’s Choice for her painting pictured here hanging in the centre, and Glenyce Francis (left) took out second and third for her paintings pictured here being held by Glenyce and Jennie.

Jennie Forster and Glenyce Francis were two of the main organisers of this year’s fantastic Tumut Art Show, being an art teacher and the President of the Tumut Art Society respectively, and they took themselves out of the running for the major prizes for that reason.

However, that decision hasn’t left them with nothing – Ms Forster took out first prize in the People’s Choice with Ms Francis’ paintings coming second and third.

Ms Forster said it was interesting to see the choices that people voted for.

“Just about every painting had at least one vote, it was really good to see,” she said.

The People’s Choice votes were counted on Sunday, and Ms Francis said she was enjoying seeing all the different postcodes of voters who had travelled to see the show. “We had a lot of people from Sydney come through,” she said.

“We sold more art this year than we have in the past few years, and we also sold a higher rate of bigger pieces, that sell for a lot more.

“Our selling rate was 14 per cent of all art exhibited, which is pretty good! You’ll see a lot of art shows promoting that they sell at 10 per cent, you know, and we ended up selling at 14.”

In that the Tumut Art Show bucked the trend of many regional arts shows, who have found themselves struggling in recent years.

Ms Francis puts the exhibition’s success down to a lot of hard-working volunteers, good relationships with artists from elsewhere – particularly from Sydney – who go the extra mile to get their works to Tumut, and the variety and quality of the works shown.

“We had such a wide variety of things, it’s not just landscapes, we had contemporary works, abstract, all sorts of subject matter which is really fantastic because there was something for everyone,” she said.

“The comments we’ve had from everybody have been incredibly positive. The biggest litmus test I guess is people travelling from elsewhere who have been to all the other art shows, and they just love coming here.

“It was a very positive vibe for the future of our art show, I’m really pleased.”

The prize for the People’s Choice Award is a $200 voucher for Sydney Art Supplies store Art Scene, with $50 vouchers for second and third.