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Batlow and Wondalga told to go

The leaving zone, ordered by NSW RFS.

Batlow and Wondlaga residents have been told to leave their homes today.

A leave zone was declared by the RFS.
The RFS provided the following information:
If you are in this area, particularly in the general area from Batlow north to Wondalga and west of Blowering Dam, you need to leave before tomorrow.
– If you are planning to visit or travel through this area from today, through to the weekend, it is not safe. Do not be in this area.
– Fire is forecast to impact the township of Batlow tomorrow afternoon. The township will not be defendable.
– Embers from the fire may land in pine plantation adjacent to the township near Old Tumbarumba Road.
– It is therefore advised to leave this area now.
– If you are in this area you are advised to travel north towards Wagga, through Adelong via Batlow Road and Old Tumbarumba Road then the Hume Highway and Sturt Highway.

Batlow MPS will be closed at 4pm today, Thursday 2nd January 2020. The building will be locked down and secured from this time. All Batlow MPS residents are currently being relocated to Cootamundra Hospital and Junee MPS. Staff are going with the residents to provide comfort, support and reassurance.