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Batlow CWA Awareness Week celebrations

Tina Billing and Pat Whitley.

Hume Group CWA President Tina Billing was thrilled with the turnout at Thursday’s morning tea at the Batlow Bakery. The event aimed to connect local businesswomen and celebrate the Country Women’s Association, as part of this year’s CWA Awareness Week.

“This is wonderful!” she said.

“There’s a few faces here I’ve never met before. We’re just connecting this morning, opening it up, and if we get the opportunity to have a quiet talk to see if there’s any way we support anyone we’ll do what we can. We haven’t got unlimited funds, but we can support in other ways.”

There are four key focus areas for CWA NSW this year, and the Batlow branch has chosen to pour their energies into the second, “encouraging and assisting rural and regional women in starting their own small business.”

Ms Billing said there are no shortage of capable women getting things done in Batlow and the district, but self-promotion was not necessarily their strong suit.

“We’ve got some fabulous entrepreneurs around but they’re so quiet about it!” she said.

“We’re hoping we can encourage anyone who might even be thinking about [getting involved in local business] to come and see us. We’re friendly, we don’t bite.

“There’s lots of good things happening and what we’re trying to do is let go of the very formal image the CWA has had in the past. We have fun! We really do. I’ve been privileged to have been in three different branches because we’ve moved with work, and I just love Batlow branch. They’re really good people who work for the community.”

Batlow CWA meet on the third Thursday of the month at the CWA rooms, Pioneer Street, Batlow, at 10am. Secretary Kathie Ehmsen can be reached on 6949 1210.