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Busy year for Adelong VIEW Club

Adelong VIEW Club President Ester Whitely, Secretary Annette Hassett, and Acting Zone Councillor Gail Tooth.

The Adelong VIEW Club have held their Annual General Meeting, and took the opportunity to highlight some of the changes and achievements of 2016.

Most significantly, the Club supported a student through high school and we were assigned another to help in 2017, as part of the Smith Family Learning For Life program.

“It’s such a joy to think we are able to participate in the Learning for Life program,” said Publicity Officer Bev Dwyer.

“We were also delighted with our guest speakers, who informed and entertained us at our monthly luncheons; a big thank you to them.”

Adelong VIEW Club supported Australia Day for the 21st consecutive year this year, hosting the day at the Services Club and providing the catering.

However, 2017 was the last year with Annette Hassett and Ester Whitely in the driver’s seat of the event, and they received a certificate from Council in recognition of their hard work.

“Well done to them! Volunteers are the heart of a community,” Ms Dwyer said.

2017 saw a change of venue for the Club with their usual meeting spot, the Royal Hotel Adelong, closing and awaiting new owners in March.

However, they found the Anglican Church hall to be a lovely substitute.

“Members opted to bring a plate which resulted in a magnificent luncheon spread – the VIEW ladies sure can cook!” said Bev Dwyer.

“A warm welcome was extended to Gail Tooth, our zone councillor, who replaced Liz Evers who is not well at present – our love and best wishes are with Liz for a speedy recovery.”

A letter from the national president welcoming the club to a new year from Liz Evers was read out, along with a thank you letter from Ruth Allen for her Australia Day nomination for Adelong citizen of the year, and an invitation to attend the Zone Conference to be held at Junee in May.

A certificate of thanks was presented to Rowena Carey for her dedication to her role as our treasurer, for an impressive 11 years with the club, and also to her able assistant Bev McDade.

Nominations were called for the new committee, and the results are:

President: Ester Whitely
Vice President: Joyce Downey
Secretary: Annette Hassett
Assistant Secretary: Denise Dunn
Delegate: Sue Salmon
Publicity Officer: Bev Dwyer
Treasurer: Julie Craine
Assistant treasurer: Heather Roach
Programme officers: Judy Whitely and Sharon McIntyre
Birthday girl: Lois Turner

Gail Tooth had each of them read their declaration as she pinned on their badge.

If you would like to enjoy the fellowship of the Adelong View Club, and support a worthy cause, please come along to the April monthly luncheon and meeting held on the first Thursday of the month. Contact Annette Hassett on 69462229 or Ester Whitely on 69464418 to book in.