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Call for walk to be returned to ‘former glory’

Residents say the Adelong Falls Walk is a shadow of the attraction it once was.
Residents say the Adelong Falls Walk is a shadow of the attraction it once was.

The Adelong Alive Museum and local residents are calling on Tumut Shire Council to return the town’s creek walk to the Adelong Falls to its former glory.

Since the historic 2010 floods, locals say the walk has been a shadow of its former self, with land erosion forcing walkers to switch sides of the river.

Secretary of the Adelong Alive Museum Margaret Bentley said the current route on the other side of the creek pales in comparison to the walk’s former popularity and beauty.

“It’s really missed in the town and we think something has to be done to reinstate it,” Ms Bentley said.

“It was really lovely but the flood washed sections away. Afterwards it was reinstated on the other side but it’s just not the same.”

Where areas of the path have eroded or fallen away Ms Bentley believes council should work with landholders to find alternative trails.

“At the moment it’s overgrown, but the main thing is the stoppage where the line fell into the creek, council needs to negotiate with the landholder for a small section of land, or build a bridge over the chasm,” she said.

“It’s up to council to negotiate with the relevant landholders, they’re responsible for upkeep.”

The walk first came about after locals lobbied for a state government grant. Ms Bentley believes considering the time, money and effort it took the build the walk, it should be returned to it’s original sought-after state.

“All signs placed everywhere all point tourists to the walk, but also locals donated money for special seats along the walk in loved one’s memories, and they’re not in sight anymore,” she said.

“The entrance to the bridge was designed by a Wagga artitect that was part of the grant, and all the signane. There’s signage throughout the town all geared towards the walk to the falls, it’s a focal point.”

“It use to travel from the caravan park to the falls and get so much use by tourists but also locals on their morning walk.”