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Council appoints new GM

Acting Snowy Valleys Council General Manager, David Aber (right) welcomes the new General Manager, Matthew Hyde.

Mayor James Hayes has announced the appointment of the new General Manager for Snowy Valleys Council.

“I am pleased to advise that the Council has appointed a new General Manager for the Snowy Valleys Council. Matthew Hyde will commence work with the Council on Monday 27th November”, Clr James Hayes said yesterday.

“The Council is convinced that Matthews’s skills and qualifications will allow him to continue to develop a strong organisation, able to take the community forward to a bright future.”

Mr Hyde comes from Malanda west of Cairns in Queensland and was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Tablelands Regional Council in Atherton.

This will be his first time working in the Snowy Valleys communities, but he said he feels “very welcome already.”

He spent his first weekend in town driving to the different towns in the region and getting an impression of the area.

“I’ve done a fair bit of driving around and participating in different events and I’ve been really impressed with how everyone just gets in and get things done,” he said.

“There’s a number of opportunities and challenges for the community with the amalgamation, and I’m looking forward to working with the new council. They seem very motivated to provide services out in the community.

“[The priority will be] Bedding down the amalgamation processes, and then looking out at the community, the local economy, and tourism, and seeing what the council’s role can be out there – making links and improvements.”

Clr Hayes added Mr Hyde was selected for the top job due to his experience.

“He has a good understanding of the impacts and the solutions for the issues that arise through amalgamation. His experience in Queensland gives him a strong background in developing a resilient workforce and community that is able to manage the changes that future growth and diversity bring,” Clr Hayes said.

The General Manager position is the highest position in the Council bureaucracy.

While the Council itself is subject to elections, the General Manager and other staff positions are permanent.