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Council looks at heating shire’s pools

Adelong Pool

SNOWY Valleys Council will investigate the costs of heating the shire’s pools.

A motion for the councillors to receive a report about the costs involved in heating the shire’s pools was passed after Deputy Mayor John Larter proposed heating the Adelong Swimming Pool to make it a year-round facility at last week’s council meeting in Tumut.

He said the pool was purpose-built to be heated and it had always been planned to heat it, but in 2012, the then council, for various reasons, had decided not to.

“It has been spoken about for years, and we are one of the few shires in NSW that does not have a heated pool,” he said.

“Provision is there to heat the pool.

Cootamundra’s indoor pool has been successful, and we could consider input from them on how best to operate such a facility.”

He proposed that the pool could have a concertina roof for the winter months, which could be removed in the summer.

Mr Christensen told the meeting that a report on the costs of heating the Tumut pool with an option to heating the Adelong pool had been prepared, and that it had favoured prioritizing the Tumut pool.

Interim council general manager David Aber said that it was important that a decision like this was best made with all the available information. It was agreed and a motion passed that a report on the costs of heating all the shires pools be prepared and forwarded to all councillors. – Josh Gidney