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Croquet club looking for new members

The Tumut croquet club meet every Tuesday from nine onwards.
The Tumut croquet club meet every Tuesday from nine onwards.

Tumut’s croquet club is in its fourth year this year, and they say they are always looking for new members.

The purpose of the club is primarily social, with a bit of light exercise thrown in.

They meet weekly, every Tuesday from nine AM onwards, with a typical day going until two – weather permitting of course.

“It’s social – a hit and a giggle,” said club member Albert Manning.

“It’s great for the ones who can’t handle golf clubs or bowls anymore, they can come and play this game.

“We’ve got quite a few members in their eighties.”

The club currently consists of around 25 members, with membership costing $10 a year plus the $8 it costs to use the green each week.

Those curious about joining are welcome to a two week free trial, to see if the club is their cup of tea.

Club Secretary Jan Locke said the game is a great excuse to catch up with community members and have a chat.

“It’s the company more than anything, it’s a fantastic group,” she said.

“They had such a good reputation, before I came, for being such a friendly crowd. There’s no competition, it’s just purely fun,” said another member.

The club meets at the Tumut Bowls Club.

Croquet Fun Facts

  • Croquet was first introduced to England from France during the reign of Charles II, 1630 – 1685, although at the time it was called “pall mall.”
  • There are world rankings for croquet, with England unsurprisingly taking the top spot and Australia and New Zealand currently tying for second.
  • Croquet was an event in the 1900 summer olympics in Paris.
  • In H.G Wells’ the Croquet Player, croquet is used as a metaphor for humanity confronting its own existence.
  • There was a 300 per cent increase in croquet sales in England after politician John Prescott was photographed playing the game following a sex scandal.
  • There is a version of the sport called “extreme croquet” that involves playing in adventurous terrain using special mallets.
  • Rapper P Diddy held a croquet party in 2008 to celebrate becoming the first rapper to be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Croquet was the first outdoor sport to embrace equality, allowing both sexes to play the game on an equal footing. For this reason it was quite a controversial pastime in its earlier period.
  • Croquet has been played in Antarctica, with the scientists substituting the green for an ice sheet.
  • Princess Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa wrote an article about her love of croquet in Vanity Fair last year.