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Fundraiser for Narelle

Narelle Annetts

The Tumut Country Music Club is throwing a party.

On September 9 at the Golf Club they’re hosting a show featuring themselves, along with local performers John Smith, Amy Breward, Jess Crossman, Ian Blundell, and more to be announced.

The cause? To support one of their members, Narelle Annetts, who has spent the last 13 months in hospital and requires a new vehicle to get around.

Narelle was paralysed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident many years ago, but it hasn’t held her back. She’s been a common sight around town in her manual wheelchair, which she stashed on the roof while driving from A to B.

However, a little over a year ago, Narelle’s shoulders gave out from the stress of pushing the wheelchair around herself, and she’s been in three different hospitals for over a year undergoing extensive surgery.

She’s finally back home, in a motorised wheelchair this time. But she needs a new van to be able to stay independent.

“The car I’ve got now I can’t get in anymore, I’m not allowed to slide transfer I’ve got to stay in the chair,” she explained.

“I go up the street, if it’s not every day it’s every second day, in the chair.

“It only takes about ten/fifteen minutes, but it’s a bit scary with some of the ups and downs. I can’t buy a lot at any time either, because the weight can be on my legs and I’ve got no feeling, so it can cause me damage. A lot of places don’t have footpaths either, so a lot of places I have to go on the road, which is a bit dangerous…but I get there.”

That’s not good enough for the Country Music Club, who will be charging $10 for their bash and putting the money towards a new vehicle for Narelle.

Additionally, the Tumut Valley Riders will be going in a poker run in October, roaring from town to town and holding a raffle in each one. Narelle said she can’t put into words what the clubs’ support means to her.

“I don’t know how to explain it…I’d never raise that sort of money, to get a van,” she said.

“I’d be lost without them.”

So come on down to the Golf Club on September 9 from 2pm for some live music, with funds raised going towards a great Tumut girl. There will be all types of music, and you’ll also be able to meet the friendly faces of the Country Music Club.