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Generator to the rescue at supermarket

When the power went out in Batlow due to the bush fires, the town’s food and gorceries supply took a big hit as Batlow IGA had no generator as a back-up power source, and proprietor Sam Shang had to make the decision to dispose of many dairy products due to food safety regulations.

A generator was needed, and fast.

Lee Grant, a friend of Sam’s who happens to be one of the owners of Solar Professionals in Wagga, ultimately helped get things moving.

“We got everything going, but it wasn’t easy,” he said.

“We had the generator but couldn’t get though. In the end we got on to the deputy mayor up there (John Larter) and he moved mountains to get things happening.”

Cr Larter said the generator was sourced from an electrician in Forest Hill, and it was transported first to Riverina Highlands RFS headquarters in Tumut, then given an escort down to Batlow.

The generator got through, and Sam was able to power up one of the store’s three freezers. (The generator is not strong enough to power all three freezers but has plenty enough for one).

He said he and his staff were very happy and grateful to those who made it happen.

Earlier, when he had to evacuate to Tumut when the fire got so close to Batlow, he gave the key to the store to Snowy Valleys Council staff and told them to give it to firefighters in the town and that the firefighters could help themselves to what they wanted from the store.