Home News Great turnout for barbecue and beers at the Brewery

Great turnout for barbecue and beers at the Brewery

Janelle Zelinski, Jackie Sturgess, and Jo and Hannah Spicer at BBQ and Beats on the weekend. For more photos see the Tuesday, October 31, edition of the Tumut and Adelong Times.

The Tumut River Brewing Co’s nearly renovated beerhall was home to approximately 300 people throughout Saturday, as locals and visitors showed up in droves for local food, local beers, and homegrown entertainment.

Chef Clara Packard put together a barbecue menu that showcased the region’s fresh produce for the inaugural ‘BBQ and Beats at the Brewery’ party.

“We had corn on the cob with local garlic butter, local smoked trout, local highfield beef, chicken skewers marinated in local herbs and olive oil, and apples and things like that as well,” she said.

“It was really good, people enjoyed themselves, got behind the music – a lot of people were dancing towards the end.”

Brewery co-owner Tim Martin described the event as “humbling,” and was full of praise for Clara’s hard work.

“Clara was phenomenal, I don’t know how she managed to feed that many people from two barbecues, but she did an amazing job!” he said.

“It was a really inspiring couple of days actually. After having so many battles, it was great to see people turning up in droves.

“We had so many people there we couldn’t fit them all in at one point!”

Music on the day and into the night was provided by Evan Saunders and Andy (Cobber) Zedzia, Josh Barr, Rory Phillips, DJ Gaud Ran Dam, Tony Spicer, Jess Crossman, Th-Underdogs, Red Belly, Bradley Pollack, Pearl, and the Batlow Blues Collective.