Home News Gundagai to work with Tumut on Local Drug Action Team

Gundagai to work with Tumut on Local Drug Action Team

Some of the funding will be spent on bringing Indigenous speaker Joe Williams to Gundagai.

Tumut will be included in the activities funded by the Local Drug Action Team money provided to the Gundagai Neighbourhood Centre, Coordinator Bonita Taylor has said.

The Local Drug Action Teams are an initiative of the Australian Drug Foundation, funded by the Federal Government.

They involve money being distributed to community groups in high-risk areas, with the Gundagai Neighbourhood Centre being a successful applicant.

They have received $10,000 total as part of the program, to be spent on: community youth events, ice/drug/alcohol information sessions to sporting and community groups, organising Indigenous speaker Joe Williams to come to Gundagai and give a motivational speech, and concurrent administrative costs.

Ms Taylor said involving the whole region would be a priority when putting on these events.

“We’ll be looking at what’s most important with the youth, and deciding exactly what we’re going to do with the youth activities,” she said.

“It will be promoted in all the towns around here, everyone will be invited, and hopefully we’ll be able to get some transport to and from Tumut and Batlow as well.

“Whatever we do, all the towns will be invited.”

Ms Taylor is part of the Gundagai-based Dual Diagnosis Action Group (DDAG), who were responsible for the 2015 successful Ice Forum in Gundagai.

They will be the ones rolling out the new ADF-funded programs in the region.

“We’re all volunteers and community members, and we helped other towns including Tumut on their ice information sessions,” Ms Taylor explained.

“We had a community meeting with our DDAG group last year and some people from Tumut came up. We want to all work together and hopefully get some early intervention and prevention in the small towns.”

Gundagai was one of the first 26 Local Drug Action Teams to be given funding this month, with an aimed 220 towns getting involved by 2020.