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Heritage building vandalised

Vandals have been targeting a Tumut business premises, knocking cement ball-like structures off the roof of its heritage-listed building.

All Things Country proprietor Lynn Neilsen, who owns the business and the building, was first told about the damage on New Year’s Eve.

“People drove past and saw one of the balls missing, and rang me,” she said.

“There were footprints on the roof. On Wednesday there were two more gone. Last year we lost one, and now there only one left. I believe it is the same people.”

She said witnesses had seen four juveniles on the roof of the building at 1am and called police.

Mrs Neilsen said the balls were damaging the front of the building on the way down, and smashing on the pavement.

“The balls had been there since 1918,” she said.

She reported the matter to the police, who visited the premises on Wednesday and said they would patrol the area that night, and respond to any reports of suspicious activity at the premises.

“They said they can’t do anything unless they catch them, and if they do, they are probably juveniles so there is little they can do even then,” Mrs Neilsen said.

“They want us to put up wire fences and cameras, but that is going to cost us money. Why should kids wreck the town when people work so hard?”