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Hospital Auxiliary needs members

Heather Parkes, Val Veitch, Jill Dodd, Betty Williams and Cynthia Howard man the Tumut Hospital Auxiliary street stall.

The Tumut Hospital Auxiliary is on the lookout for new members to get involved with the important work of fundraising for the hospital.

They currently have approximately 32 members, with more than half over the age of 80 and the vast majority over 70, and Publicity Officer Val Veitch said younger members would play a vital role in revitalising the group.

“It makes it hard to do too much in the way of fundraising outside of our street stall, because of the age limit,” she said.

Ms Veitch said the Auxiliary had many significant achievements over its lifetime.

“Within a few years of me joining we bought a defibrillator, which was about $12,000,” she said.

“When you’re selling $2 raffle tickets to raise that money, that’s a lot of tickets.

“That was a very proud moment for me because I thought, I’m not just sitting down doing nothing, we are actually achieving items that the hospital needs.

“I can walk through the hospital and see, everything I look at, we have purchased. The beds, the cupboards, the chairs in the foyer, the lifters, the TV in the solarium, we’re forever and always buying something that they actually need.”

The group meets 1.30pm on the fourth Friday of the month, with the exception of December and January, in the Hospital Conference Room.

They hold regular street stalls, with the next one being on March 16 in the usual spot in front of House 2 Home on Wynyard Street.

They are also open to new fundraising ideas new members may have to offer.

One of the key elements of participating in the Auxiliary is the social element, with strong links both between members and with the wider community.

“Everyone has had someone in their family use the hospital, so our work indirectly affects everyone in the community,” Ms Veitch said.

“We get to know each other, we go out for morning teas and lunches as a social sideline. When you work on the street stalls you get to know everybody around town and they get to know you.”

Those interested should contact Val Veitch at 0487474839.