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Lifelong learners relaunch

Pals and Lifelong Learners Greg Kabar and Ken Green.

The Lifelong Learners program relaunched on Thursday with guest speaker Greg Kabar, who is a columnist for the Tumut and Adelong Times.

The program is for seniors who are interested in continuing their education throughout their lives, and was the brainchild of Nick and Anne Browning. After years of tireless effort poured into the group they handed over the reins this year, and the Snowy Valleys Council Community Development Team have stepped in to assist with organising.

The group will be meeting on the second Thursday of every month at 10am at the Community Support Building (next to the library), with their guest speakers for the rest of the year already booked.

To see the program call Trudy Crawford at the Snowy Valleys Council on 6941 2555, and to get involved simply show up. Cost is $2 for morning tea and an annual fee of $10 for administration.

Around 25 people attended Thursday’s session, to hear columnist and storyteller Greg Kabar.

Greg said he was thrilled to be asked, and got involved in the group through his friendship with member Ken Green.

“He and I have annual Christmas parties, with some of the regular members down at the Royal [Hotel], and he sidled up to me at least year’s Christmas party and said I’d like you to do a talk for this group I’m a part of,” he explained.

“That’s all that was said and I agreed because I’d had a couple of drinks, but afterwards I said, I’ve got to know more about this, what’s actually involved? He told me it’s senior learners, those who are interested in obtaining new knowledge throughout their entire lives, and I said, that’s exactly something I’d like to be a part of.”

Greg said the group was a good opportunity to tell the kinds of stories that don’t make the newspapers, which can tend towards the depressing.

“I don’t want to be Tony Jones, I don’t want to be Alan Jones, I want to come in here like Indiana Jones and give you stories of exploration, wonder, excitement – things that we can be excited to hear about,” he said.

“Today I’m going to talk about one of the major stories from history, that’s been under-written, I feel. It’s when the Polish King John III Sobieski saved Europe in 1683 from the Ottoman empire when the Turkish Islamic ruler was going to sweep through Europe. But no one’s heard of it, because just after the victory the Austrians, Germans and Russians all tried to wash him from history because they didn’t want a polishman to be so prominent.

“There’s a lot of stories I want to tell.”

To listen to more interesting speakers like Greg, head down to the Community Support Centre at 10am on the second Thursday of the month for Lifelong Learners.