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Montreal Munchies opened Saturday

Nathan Bowley, Christine Pask, and Zachary Pask are bringing popcorn to movie-goers at the Montreal Theatre.

The Montreal Theatre can now add another hallmark of going to the movies to its name: the irresistible smell of freshly cooked popcorn.

Concession store Montreal Munchies opened up next to the theatre on Saturday, selling popcorn, chocolates, cold drinks, and other snacks.

“We decided that since there’s no concession stand here, and cinemas need a concession stand, that we would open up this business,” said owner Christine Pask.

They are a separate business to the cinema, and owner Ms Pask rents the space from the theatre.

However, she said she hopes the store will add to the overall experience of going to the movies in Tumut.

“Hopefully more people will come to the cinema and support the Montreal, as it’s all volunteers who work there,” she said.

She found a popcorn machine online, and plans on stocking Australian confectionary, like the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory and Adelaide-based Melba’s Chocolate and Confectionary, in the store.

“We’ll get some fudge, and they [Melba’s] have these beautiful chocolate frogs. We’ll get some of their assorted bags as well,” she said.

Ms Pask said any local producers that think they would be a good fit for the store should get in contact.

Montreal Munchies is in keeping with the stunning art deco style of the theatre, with a black-and-white tiled floor and traditional counter top.

“This part of the shop was apparently originally where people could come back when it was used as a theatre. Back in the old days they’d have a glass of wine in here in between shows,” Ms Pask explained.

However, in answer to their most commonly asked question over the weekend, no, they are not planning on selling beers and wine themselves anytime soon.