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New F1 for Schools team members

The Tumut High F1 for Schools team: Corey Crain, Andy Dodds, Ethan Parker, Bronson Sutton, and Vince Wood.

Two new Tumut High boys have joined this year’s Professional Class F1 for Schools team: Andy Dodds and Ethan Parker. Ethan joins as Manufacturing Engineer, and Andy as Resource Manager.

They are joining a mammoth, months-long project to design and 3D-print a miniature F1 car using a CnC router; put together a 40 A3 page folio explaining their scientific process; prepare a verbal presentation; and design and build an industry booth with a television and glass and perspex construction that showcases their marketing skills.

The boys will host the Regional Finals at Tumut High on September 14, and, if they win that, going onto state, nationals, and then world. Ethan said the project gave them an opportunity to test out what they’ve been learning in class.

“We’re studying graphics at the moment and it’s a good extension of our learning to expand our skills,” he said.

They’ve also locked down their first sponsor, Club Tumut, and are in talks with other local businesses in the hopes they will get involved.

“We can finally move forward with buying uniforms, parts, and all of that stuff to use at competition,” said team member Bronson Sutton.

“Previously it’s all been out-of-pocket, so we can use their support to get better quality stuff.”

The regional finals are only a couple of weeks away, but the team sounds confident.

“Everything’s coming along well,” said team member Corey Crain.

“The portfolio’s almost finished, we’ve decided on a car design for regional finals and we’re working on that, and working on getting a car race-ready for regionals.”

They’ll then tweak that design and improve it as much as possible for the tougher state finals, where they’ll be competing against Sydney private and public schools. They’re currently running a fundraising Father’s Day raffle, with a corrugated iron dog kennel, a Kathmandu top loading hiking pack, a Dewalt 4” angle grinder, and a $50 Pizza Hut voucher up for grabs.

Tickets will be available from a street stall on September 2 and drawn that afternoon.