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New students and new Principal welcomed to McAuley

Talea McGuffie, Liam McGuffie, Jason McGuffie and Ivana Michelini.

On Thursday morning, McAuley Catholic Central School welcomed 24 new Kindergarten students to their school with a commemorative morning tea celebration.

Parents and loved ones gathered around on the sunny morning, getting to know one another and taking lots of photos to remember the big day. Some Kindergarten students waited patiently with their parents for school to begin, while others enjoyed running around with their new classmates and younger siblings.

There was a mix of nervousness and excitement in the air, from both the parents and the kids, and not one crying face in sight.

The morning commenced with an address from McAuley’s newly appointed Principal, Eamonn Moore. He thanked all the parents and friends for being there, and welcomed all the new students to the school.

Mr Moore has had a busy few days getting to know the school and the area, having just moved here from Canberra. He is very excited about the new position, and looks forward to getting to know the school community more.

“It’s great to be back in the country,” he said.

After he spoke, each Kindergarten student’s name was called out one-by-one. The students walked forward and were paired with a ‘Buddy’ from an older grade, who placed a nametag on their uniform and helped carry their bags.

The new Kindergarten students were paired up with ‘buddies’ to help them with the transition to school.

The older students took the role of Buddy seriously, smiling to the younger kids and making them feel welcome, some taking their hands and walking alongside them.

Parents and loved ones hugged their kids before watching them line-up with their Buddies. Once all the students had been paired up, and after some more last-minute photos, the children waved good-bye to their parents and walked off to their first day of class.

The children’s families were invited to stay back for morning tea and a chat.