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Photo mystery solved

Fay Hartshorn was sent a copy of ‘The Way We Were: Australia in the Last Century,’ which has a photo of her in it, by the author.

A call-out for information in the Tumut and Adelong Times has proven fruitful for Fay Hartshorn.

Two months ago, in an article about a mysterious photo of her and her husband she’d discovered in a coffee-table book, she asked if any readers knew how the photo ended up in the book, or who the other people in it were.

Now, she has been contacted by none other than the author of the book himself, Alan Whiticker.

“He called me last weekend, I was so surprised!” she said.

“Someone must have sent the paper with that in it to him. He sounded like a really nice man.”

As well as giving her the information she was looking for about the photo, he also sent Fay a signed copy of the book, ‘The Way We Were: Australia in the Last Century.’ The photo of her and her husband is one of the first pictures in the book.

Fay and Geoffrey Hartshorn (seated, left), John Bullock (standing, left), and seven others they are hoping to identify, in the book ‘The Way We Were: Australia in the Last Century’ by Alan Whiticker.

It turns out Alan, who now lives in South Penrith, was given the photo by his parents. One of the unidentified men in the photo is a relative of Alan’s, and his father used to own the Wynyard Hotel.

In the photo, besides Fay and her husband Geoffrey Hartshorn, are a group of men who had travelled to Tumut to work. They were staying at Tommy Harris’s Boarding House near the Bowling Club, and the photo was taken on New Year’s Eve in 1954.

Alan mailed her a copy of the photo along with the book.

“That’s so lovely, him sending that book to me, and the photos,” said Fay.

“Putting it in the paper was a good idea, because I found out everything about it!”

She hasn’t had a chance to read the book yet, but she’s looking forward to it.

“It is very interesting, it’s all Australian history, and I’m interested in quite a lot of Australian history,” she said.