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Plaque for Di at the Tumut Hospital

Jarrad, Graeme, and Adam Rossiter next to the plaque for Di Rossiter.

A memorial plaque for Tumut nurse Di Rossiter was unveiled at the Tumut Hospital on Friday, in recognition of her dedication and love for her job.

Di passed away last year, but her impact will live on in the incredible work she did for all the Tumut residents and their family members who have gone through the Tumut Hospital, who have experienced the unforgettable care of Di Rossiter.

Graeme, Jarrad, and Adam Rossiter attended the unveiling of the plaque on Di’s behalf.

“It means a lot,” said Di’s husband Graeme Rossiter.

“She spent most of her life here. That’s what she lived for, the Tumut Hospital. That’s all I can say really, it’s good recognition for her.”

The Rossiter clan are a familiar sight at the Tumut Hospital, where Di would sometimes bring her children into work. One of her granddaughters has chosen to follow in her footsteps, undertaking her first year of nursing in Townsville this year.

Deputy Facility Manager Narelle McKenzie said it was important for the family to be there on Friday.

“Di was dedicated to nursing; a fantastic theatre and emergency department Registered Nurse. Nursing was her life and I think that’s what her family always recognised,” she said.

“I really wanted the family to be involved because they’ve always been a big part of the hospital. Her three sons and her husband always said, you know, mum’s at work, mum’s at work, ah yes mum’s been called to work. Her husband had a big role in raising the boys, so it’s fitting that they’re all here. They’re very much a part of the hospital.”

The wood for Di’s memorial plaque was created by Geoff Allan and is crafted from Tumut wood. The money for it came from donations at Di’s funeral last year, where it was obvious to everyone the money raised should go towards something at the Hospital.

“It really is recognising her service,” said Narelle.

“She was so dedicated and knowledgeable; you only had to ask and she’d come straight in. She was an inspiration really, a mentor to students.

“She was very caring, very compassionate, she had a real way with patients and she also had a real way with nursing students and doctors. Just a really amazing person.”