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‘Rosè on the Lawn’ at Tastebuds

It may seem like winter will never end, but spring is fast approaching, and with it, Tumbarumba Tastebuds on the last weekend of October.

This year the Nest Cafe is adding a ‘Rosè on the Lawn’ event on the Sunday of the popular weekend, with tastings of local rosè wines. As owner/manager Laura Fraumeni explained, it will be a novel addition to their usual calendar.

“We usually have the market here on the Saturday and then have wine tastings as part of that from 10am to 4pm,” she said.

“Then on the Saturday night we do a degustation dinner – Nest in the Night Garden it’s called. It’s a six-course feast with matching wines and we actually have the winemaker come and chat with everyone about the wine.

“It’s either outside in the garden or indoor in a garden-like setting. The dinner features produce that we grow here at the Nest, as well as what we can get locally and in the wider region.

“Now, on Sunday, we’re also going to have a Rosè on the Lawn. We’re going to have our usual breakfast, lunch and coffee, but we’ll have that too. We’ll be here to look after any of the gardeners that come through, and we might have a few things to show them in our veggie garden as well!”

Tumbarumba Tastebuds is a twin effort to promote the region’s wine and produce, as well as its gardens and scenery. There will be nine open gardens, varying in size, with everything from specialty rose gardens, to parklands and fruit gardens. Each garden fundraises for a charity of their choice.

Eight wineries will be open for tastings, and the Tumbarumba Motel will host a flower show with ‘Floral Art Garden Sculpture’ demonstrations from the Floral Art Association’s Ann Crasti at 1.30pm both days.

There will be container gardens to view at the motel, along with entrants in the garden art competition. The competition is currently open and has $500 in prize money up for grabs, with additional juniors and fine arts sections, for garden-related art: paintings, floral arrangements, iron/wood/stone garden sculptures, or any other variations on the theme.

Organiser Linda Blencowe said it’s always a great weekend.

“Hopefully the weather’s going to be nice, but you can always snuggle away in one of the venues that’s got food and wine, and get out in your gumboots and umbrellas, when it’s not!” she said.