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Theft on the rise

Tumut Police are urging residents not to leave valuables such as wallets in cars.

A fisherman had valuable fishing equipment stolen from his boat at Blowering Dam on Saturday night.

Police said that some time after 11.30pm on Saturday, three rods, between 10 and 15 reels and between 20 and 40 spinner baits and hard lures were stolen.

Tumut Police are urging anyone with information to call them on 6947 7199 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Meanwhile, Tumut Police are urging residents not to leave valuables in cars and not to leave cars unlocked after a would be thief or thieves got into a car in Simpson Street on Tuesday morning.

Police suspect the attempted theft occurred at about 3.30am, as this was when the owner could hear their dogs barking.

The owner claimed the vehicle was locked. Upon inspection, a number of items had been moved, but nothing had been stolen.

Tumut Police Sergeant Shane Brasen said residents needed to vigilant to avoid such incidents.

“Don’t leave your wallet or other valuables in your vehicle, and make sure it is locked when unattended,” he said.

“Also, report any suspicious activity you see around cars to us or Crime Stoppers.

If thieves have success in getting a wallet or some else valuable then they will do it again, so don’t make it easy for them.”

There was a spate of thefts from cars in Tumut about two months ago, including 10 in one night in Lockeridge Drive.

Cootamundra LAC crime prevention officer Senior Constable Peter Guthrie said there had to 18 thefts from cars in the Tumut and Adelong region in the past two weeks, and 40 in the whole LAC.

“In most of these cases, its kids, and they haven’t broken in; the car has been left un- locked,” he said.

“Two blokes in Cootamundra have been arrested.”

On Wednesday, Senior Constable Guthrie was in Tumut putting “park smarter” fridge-style magnets on cars urging the owners to lock their cars up.

“In winter, chainsaws and tools are often taken, and in summer, its electronic items, like phones, iPads, lap tops etcetera,” he said.