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‘This has been like Armageddon’: Firefighter

Firefighter Chris Gibson among the ruins of the old Batlow Hospital on Sunday.

Firefighter Chris Gibson has recalled the experience of the fight to save Batlow from firey destruction on Saturday night.

“We saved one house twice, but unfortunately when we went to get more water it has gone up,” he said.

“There were just too many fires to put out, we were sitting on the back of the truck driving up and down the street putting out what we could; unfortunately that place went up but we managed to save.”

He and his fellow firefighters saw the inferno that consumed the old Batlow Hospital.

“We were coming out and we could see it; it was just a huge glow in the sky; it just went up like that,” he said.

He and his fellow crew (he is from Dareton RFS) were in action for 18 hours straight.

“The day before we did about 15 hours,” he said.

“We were up at Tumbarumba Road yesterday at that emergency and that was a pretty long day.”

He echoed the sentiments of many when he said he had never seen fires like these.

“Oh no,” he said.

“I’ve been on five strike teams this year and it’s all gotten worse progressively,” he said.

“It started at Glen Innes, then in Nowra the other week, and now this.

“This has been like Armageddon, like the end of the world; but what can you do.”