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Tony’s top dog

Tony Elliott with Ok Indianna Buckles, or Indie.

Brungle sheepdog ‘Ok Indianna Buckles,’ owned by Tony Elliott, has continued her winning streak.

After her win at Koroit in Western Victoria against 215 dogs, Indie competed in the Supreme Australian Open Class 3 Sheep Trial at Seymour, Victoria, against 236 other dogs.

Competition came from all Australian states, and Indie made the top 20, along with two of Tony’s other dogs, Ok Cooper and Gundagai Happy. Indie and Happy then went on to make the top ten dogs.

“Happy’s sheep were not workable, however he still put up a fight,” said Tony.

“Indie was the last dog of the big event which took ten days to work.

“She got wild sheep, but true to her ability she penned the sheep with only seconds to spare, earning a massive 92 points.

“She placed second in this mighty event.”

Tony said she missed out on first through no fault of her own.

“I was concentrating on the sheep’s movement so much I gave away two points by walking over the marked line which lost her the Supreme Australian Championship,” he said.

“So I believe she is the top dog in Australia.”

At only four years old, Ok Indianna Buckles from Brungle is already becoming a legend.