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Tumut Art Society showcases Peter Luders

Peter Luders has been painting for decades.

The Tumut Art Society is exhibiting the works of local artist Peter Luders this week.

Peter grew up in Gundagai and has spent the past 20 years farming beef cattle close to the Tumut River. He has been creating artworks for decades, but exhibiting is a new experience for him.

“I’m not strictly a professional artist – I’ve never even tried to sell a painting – but I’ve been in and out of it for years,” he said.

“I talk about myself as a perpetual student – I’ll do a course, paint like mad for a month or two and then life catches up with you. That’s gone on for years. So this exhibition is stuff I’ve done starting from the 1980s.”

He is a former veterinary surgeon, and his demanding career meant that he was unable to explore his interest in art until he was in his fifties.

He takes inspiration from his mother, who he describes as a highly talented and successful painter. She too didn’t begin to devote herself to art until she was middle aged.

The exhibition is a showcase of his life’s work, and spans a range of mediums and subject matter.

There are about twenty paintings, including oils, pastels, and acrylics.

About a quarter of the artworks show the beauty of the Tumut region, with paintings of the Tumut River and other spots throughout the valley.

“I’m very eclectic, I go all over the place,” he said.

“Sometimes I get interested in landscapes, portraiture, even just this last period I’ve been dabbling in abstract painting.

“I’ve become very interested in acrylics. I only started those a couple of years ago and I’m really intrigued with them – if you put them on the canvas in a diluted form they’ll go lighter overnight and if you put them on straight out of the tube they’ll go darker overnight, so I’ve found that very intriguing.”

The exhibition opened on Friday night at 5Ways Gallery, LOT 1 Tumut Plains Rd, Tumut.