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Tumut Police urge community to report crime

TUMUT Police recently recovered stolen firearms, and are urging anyone with information on illegal firearms to come forward and contact police or Crime Stoppers.

Police are also continuing to call on people not to leave valuables in their vehicles.

“Unfortunately, we have seen incidences of property crime and stealings from motor vehicles continue and I strongly encourage people to not leave valuables in their vehicles, and to secure them,” Tumut Inspector Stephen Radford said.

Police report a number of stealing incidents over the weekend and on Monday around Tumut and Adelong.

There was a steal from motor vehicle in Elphick Street, Tumut on Sunday, and another sometime over the weekend from a vehicle in Boundary Road in Tumut.

A blue Yamaha 175cc 2003 model motorcycle was stolen from a property at Gilmore on the Snowy Mountains Highway on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, a safe that had been broken into was located in Adelong Creek, and a break in occurred in Smiles Street, Tumut.

Break-ins were reported at St Joseph’s Primary School in Adelong and at Adelong Alive Museum early on Monday.

“Late night/early morning property crime Tumut, young persons entering rear yards in Adelong and increased anti-social activity in Grahamstown is being reported,” Insp. Radford said.

“It is crucially important you report these incidences – even if they appear minor to you.

This enables us to identify offenders more quickly, see where activity is increasing and task our police to patrol these areas.

Importantly, this information can stop other people becoming victims of crime.

“We simply can’t achieve this without your ‘eyes and ears’.

While ‘pub whispering’ or expressing your frustrations on Facebook or over the back fences may get to us eventually, the direct approach is always best.”

Insp. Radford encouraged the public to call either the local station or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 for those who wished to ring anonymously.

While the station may not be manned all the time, the Inspector said, call outs can be arranged.

“If you see people late at night or early in the morning loitering around these areas let us know,” Insp. Radford said.

“We are working variable and extended shifts to assist in catching this small number of offenders.

There will also be target action group officers being thrown into the mix – so wrongdoers beware.”

Callers should take a note of what time it is, what the suspicious persons were wearing, any vehicles they are associated with and any distinguishing features they have.”

On a positive note, you will see a lot of new faces of policing in Adelong, Gundagai, Tumut and Talbingo.

Hand picked for their pro active approach and specialist skills, they bring with them a wealth of experience and motivation to be part of our communities and continue to drive down crime.

Make sure you say hello and welcome them, and importantly, let them know what’s happening in our community.

There are numerous avenues available to report crime or suspicious activities such as: directly at Tumut Police Station on 6947 2422, ringing ‘000’ (for emergencies occurring now), Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000, the Police Assistance Line, 131 444, and the NSW Police Force Community Portal.

The NSW Police Force Community Portal enables you to report issues anywhere and any time you have an internet connection.

It is for situations that are not emergency and no immediate investigation is required – it is safe confidential and secure.

For example – lost property, intentional damage, theft, graffiti etc. Simply, create an account with MyServiceNSW and you can manage and access the NSW Police Force Community Portal and report on line using the available App for smart phones and Android.

“It takes around five minutes – if you are technologically challenged, like me, I’m sure any young person will be able to assist – as my ten year old often does!,” the spokesman said.

“Once connected in the time it takes to ask ‘why the police haven’t done anything?’ – You could have reported it so we know about it.”